Watch Repairs, Jewellery Repairs and Clock Repairs

What we do

At DC Jewellers one thing we do specialise in is the repairing of jewellery, watches and also clocks. services. The repairs are carried out in-store using approved equipment to ensure your watch, jewellery or clock is repaired and serviced to the highest standard.


Jewellery Repairs:

 What's included in our Jewellery repair service:

  • Mot, Clean polishing &Re-finishing
  • Broken Jewellery Soldering/Charm Soldering
  • Re-stringing/Re-Knotting
  • Watch Bracelet Adjustments
  • Ring Re Sizing & Adjustments


The servicing of Jewellery involves:

  • With the re-sizing your rings will be cleaned, polished, adjusted and refinished to so they are in brand new condition.
  • Rings such as white gold rings will be Rhodium Plated which will enhance its overall finish.
  • Our MOT service will give you that extra sparkle to your jewellery to make sure they are preserved for an extra-long life includes (checking the stone setting and other technical aesthetics with a full clean, polishing, and re finishing to brand new condition.)
  • We offer the service of re soldering or soldering jewellery back together be it Gold or Silver.
  • We can restring the likes of your pearl necklaces and many other beaded jewellery.
  • We offer an engraving service to add a personal touch to your jewellery be it adding a special message onto it, adding a name, memorable date etc we are able to engrave it onto your jewellery.
  • We are also able to do watch bracelet length adjustments on metal bracelet watches with hinge and pin point joints.

Watch Repairs

We specialise in the replacement of the following:

  • Batteries 
  •  Leather straps 
  •  Metal Bracelets 
  • Watch glasses 
  • Bracelet adjustment 
  •  Link removal


     The servicing of a watch involves

    • The movement (including the hands and the dial) is completely taken apart. 
    • The parts are thoroughly cleanedAny worn or defective movement components are replaced or repaired before being re-assembled. 
    • The bracelet/strap is removed and the case is dismantled.The case is ultrasonically cleaned and re-assembled with a new water resistant seal. 
    • A case and bracelet refurbishment is carried out if applicable under the manufacturer criteria. 
    • A functional check is performed (including precision and power reserve checks according to the movement calibre and brand recommendations). This is carried out with a state of the art diagnostics machine. 
    • The watch under goes water-resistancy testing. 
    • A final check of the accuracy and the power reserve is undertaken over several days if appropriate.

     Clock repairs

    At DC Jewellers we also offer a Clock repair service for various types of clocks.
    The type of clocks we repair:
    • Grand Father Clocks
    • Grand Mother Clocks
    • French Clocks
    • 7 Day Clocks
    • 14 Day Clocks
    • Pendulum Clocks
    • Quartz Clocks
    • Vintage Clocks
    • Antique Clocks
    • Cuckoo Clocks

    The service of Clocks includes:

    • Dismantling, servicing and repairing clocks using tools such as screwdrivers and tweezers.
    • Cleaning and oiling clock mechanisms.
    • The changing and replacements of batteries.
    • Fitting hands
    • Replacement clock dials
    • New quartz clock movement
    • Clock case restoration

    Frequently asked questions 

    Q: How much is it to replace a watch battery? 

    A: This often depends on what needs to be done to access the battery. We will inform you of the price before we carry out the replacement of your battery. 

    Q: Are you able to service mechanical watches? 

    A: This service is available instore and would take approximately three weeks. 

    Q: How much does a typical service cost? 

    A: A basic quartz service starts from £40. A service to a mechanical timepiece starts from around £120. 

    Q: Can you obtain branded watch straps from manufactures? 

    A: Yes, we can obtain watch straps from a variety of different manufactures including citizen. 

    Q: Do you remove watch links? 

    A: Yes, we offer this service while you wait in most cases. Cost will depend on the work required but will typically be £5-£10. 

    Q: Do you repair Clocks? 

    A: Yes, in-store we can perform clock repairs and clock servicing for more information please visit our clock repairs section.