How it works ?

At DC Jewellers we specialise in the valuation of both watches and jewellery starting from £30.00 however price may vary depending on the request. We usually take two weeks to complete our evaluations to ensure the item is valued as accurately as possible.

What we can offer?

There is three things we can offer you sell, trade and also upgrade your products which will allow our customers to obtain the best value for their luxury products.

  1. We can on your behalf sell on commission.
  2. We can provide you an offer to buy your product from you with the best prices available.
  3. We can trade your watch for a product we have in stock.


We also offer a sell, trade or upgrade scheme which allows customers to receive the highest value possible for their luxury watch. 
We have three options available; 

  • We can sell on your behalf on commission.
  • We can make you an offer to buy your watch. 
  • We can trade your watch against one we have in stock.

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