The 1988 Proof, Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, Sn George, Royal Mint, Coin, Raphael Maklouf’s, Gold, 22ct, no.06454

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Specially struck versions of the classic gold sovereign, struck with polished dies to create a mirrored finish to the field and a frosted one to the detail.

No bullion sovereigns were issued between 1983 and 1999 the proof sovereign was the only type to be produced. The entire Raphael David Maklouf series has become quite sought after with demand growing steadily as collectors have no choice but to turn to the comparative small mintage proof type if they wish to put an example in their collection.

Obverse: Queen head coronet bust facing right effigy designed by Raphael David Maklouf, Initials RDM in truncation.

Reverse: St.George mounted with sword attacking the dragon, streamer flowing from St George's helmet. The date appears below the exergue line at the bottom with the letters B.P. to the right.

 - Mintage : 7,670
- Struck in 22ct gold to Proof quality
- Queens effigy by Raphael Maklouf
- 7.98g Weight/ 22.05mm Diameter
- Featuring Reverse design of St George and the dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci
- Presented within presentation case and numbered certificate 06454 of authenticity

Queen Elizabeth II proof sovereigns by Raphael David Maklouf were struck at the Liantrisant in Wales, none were struck at overseas mints. The sovereign you receive will be in FDC (untouched) condition, within air tight capsule. This proof sovereigns are supplied in their original Royal Mint issued presentation case along with original numbered Certificate of authenticity.